face mask in a sentence

"face mask" meaning  "face mask" in Chinese  
  1. They said they would issue face masks to spectators at the event.
  2. I do hope you already wear a face mask whereever you go.
  3. The face masks on each Okuyi performer is crucial to the ritual.
  4. We had our confrontations because Daniel liked to grab my face mask.
  5. But in some places, an informal face mask count tells the story.
  6. It's difficult to find face mask in a sentence.
  7. He dons the Bloody Face mask and prepares to punish her betrayal.
  8. The glare can melt the face mask of the biggest, baddest linebacker.
  9. Some fire fighters wore face masks to protect themselves from the fumes.
  10. Rules regarding visors and face masks are mildly controversial at professional levels.
  11. Some wore black face masks or covered their mouths with red scarves.
  12. A : The particulate respirator face masks are made by Moldex.
  13. Wears a human face mask; his real face is never revealed.
  14. The worst was the phantom face mask committed by Ted Johnson.
  15. Bailey kneeled and bent over, his face mask on the turf.
  16. Many marathoners used face masks and sponges to help their performance.
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