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"face guard" meaning  "face guard" in Chinese  
  1. "I would recommend a face guard based on what I've seen ."
  2. The face guards help prevent injuries to the eye, face and mouth.
  3. Except for the baby-faced guard casually swinging a Kalashnikov, everything seems normal.
  4. For the lightest weight, a titanium face guard is attached to the helmet.
  5. No stern-faced guards pounce if a curious hand slides across a smooth thigh.
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  7. Or outfitting pitchers with face guards and third basemen with catchers'gear.
  8. However, from about 1330, the bascinet was often worn with a'face guard'or movable visor.
  9. Fielders are permitted to wear a helmet and face guard.
  10. Given Webb's helmet had no face guard, his facial lacerations could have been worse.
  11. Some youth leagues are requiring the helmets with face guards for younger players now.
  12. The team was outfitted with helmets, face guards, chest protectors and shin guards, officials said.
  13. Like his late hero, he will not wear a helmet with a full face guard.
  14. And face guards, Thomas added, " are an easy way to prevent facial injuries ."
  15. Hence the protective headgear and plastic face guards on the police helping to handle the crowds.
  16. Pashby helped push the use of safety equipment for hockey players including mandatory helmets and face guards.
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