face goods in a sentence

"face goods" in Chinese  
  1. "This time of the year, you're facing good pitching, " said Lewis.
  2. "You're facing good pitching in the playoffs and the Yankees have good pitching,"
  3. We knew we were going to be facing good starting pitching down here.
  4. And when you face good pitching, that's how you're going to beat them ."
  5. Sometimes you realize the little things when facing good hitters.
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  7. "Even though it's spring training, you like facing good teams, and it's still the Yankees,"
  8. Top NBA players know they will not only receive good instruction but face good competition.
  9. McCray would then face good friend Kyle Noke.
  10. "He faced good hitters and wasn't nervous at all considering it was his first time out.
  11. John Edwards faces good news and bad news about his face as he takes the VP nomination.
  12. "We've faced good teams and great defenses,"
  13. "When your offense is facing good pitching, you know there's not going to be many runs scored.
  14. You face good players every week.
  15. I like to face good hitters.
  16. Korolev then faced good friend and fellow country man Igor Andreev at Wimbledon and lost in four sets.
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