face down in a sentence

"face down" meaning  "face down" in Chinese  
  1. Arafat was facing down his critics by dusting off his revolutionary words.
  2. Will you stand with me as I face down these personal attacks?
  3. Or as triumphant as facing down the bulimia bully that ruled her.
  4. Tunisia also faced down a domestic challenge from a homegrown Islamist movement.
  5. Place a shirt face down on the bed and fold sleeves inward.
  6. It's difficult to find face down in a sentence.
  7. Former President Carlos Andres Perez faced down two coup attempts in 1992.
  8. So much for lynch law when faced down by a resolute lawmen.
  9. Some rebels even faced down British soldiers who tried to disarm them.
  10. It showed two or three American bodies face down in the sand.
  11. She ended up face down about 25 feet away from the door.
  12. Lay rack of venison in pan with with meat side facing down.
  13. The cards face up are played before the cards face down.
  14. He saw a woman _ Charlene Pham _ floating face down.
  15. A big tree had pushed her face down in the carpet.
  16. Lilly was found completely naked and faced down on her bed.
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