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"face cloth" meaning  "face cloth" in Chinese  
  1. Use face cloth, arm cloth, leg cloth, long loofah and pumice stone.
  2. He looks as if he shaves with a face cloth, for all the good it does him.
  3. A white-suited driver from the Ananda met me at the Haridwar station with a cold face cloth.
  4. Always keep the toothbrush clean, as dry as possible and always store it vented, during transport in a face cloth.
  5. And in June 2000, it opened a new front, and a new market _ disposable face cloths infused with moisturizers.
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  7. Two pollen grains of the species were also found on the Sudarium of Oviedo, believed to be the burial face cloth of Jesus.
  8. Sitting above the box that holds the playing mechanism is an amplifier housing with a sloped front face and two player facing cloth speaker grills.
  9. Two pollen grains of this species were also found on another ancient fabric, called the Sudarium of Oviedo, which many believe to be the burial face cloth of Jesus.
  10. A First-Century origin for the face cloth has been documented, the scientists here said, and it has been in the Cathedral of Oviedo in Spain since the 8th Century.
  11. The napkin / face cloth in Greek is a " soudarium ", from the Latin " sudarium ", literally a " sweat rag ", a piece of cloth used to wipe the sweat from one's brow.
  12. Liu said sales of his dispensers soared to 100 in the past five weeks, from only a few dozen in all of last year, as restaurants have replaced their customary steamed face cloths with more sanitary throwaways.
  13. "Every time we marched, we put a face cloth and toothbrush in our pockets because we knew we were going to jail, " he said, recalling his arrest in Macon, Ga ., while trying to integrate a Holiday Inn.
  14. Additionally, sites that accumulate stagnant water & mdash; such as sinks, toilets, waste pipes, cleaning tools, face cloths & mdash; readily support microbial growth, and can become secondary reservoirs of infection, though species are mostly those that threaten " at risk " groups.
  15. Decked out in white tights, white & red cape, white scarf, yellow gloves & boots, dark glasses, face cloth and Indian-style turban ( pinned with a " moon " ornament ), Moonlight Mask is armed with a whip, two six-shooters, shuriken and moon-shaped boomerangs.
  16. The archetypal outfit was actually popularized largely during the revival of the Klan from 1915 to 1944 and consists of : a floor-length, solid-white robe ( often decorated with a round badge bearing an insignia with a cross ) and a white, sharply pointed hat that includes a full-faced cloth mask with eyeholes.

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