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  1. FACC-II is one of the most specific and widest.
  2. The FACC Los Angeles organizes its yearly event, the French Heritage Night.
  3. The city includes the $ 6 million Fairfield Arts & Convention Center ( FACC ), built in 2007.
  4. FACC NY is a part of the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce network that has 11 locations around the United States.
  5. In addition to FACC NY, 10 other member chambers have formed in different locations around the United States throughout the years.
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  7. He also has a FACC and FAMS . He also received training in cardiology from Harvard Medical School under Bernard Lown, a Nobel Laureate.
  8. On 30 January 2012, Lo's conviction was quashed in the Court of Final Appeal ( Case number : FACC 2 / 2011 ).
  9. The FACC Los Angeles also co-launched French Tech Los Angeles in April 2016, in partnership with the French Consulate in LA and French Accelerator.
  10. In addition, the Consulate General of Finland in New York has no relations to FACC NY so the article it has written should also count as independent.
  11. Specific tests or questionnaires, as the FACC-II ( Questionnaire on the psychological aspects of consumer addiction, debt and personal spending habits ) are also used.
  12. In 2009, a concert by The Beach Boys and The Nadas was held on the Fairfield Middle School grounds, as a benefit for the FACC and the city's Green Sustainability Plan.
  13. Galloway was selected by the United States Surgeon General as the Governor for the American College of Cardiology to represent the United States Public Health Service and was subsequently elected as the FACC Governor for Arizona.
  14. He is a founding member and Fellow of the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography ( FSCCT ), Fellow of the American College of Cardiology ( FACC ) and Fellow of the American Heart Association ( FAHA ).
  15. Former investments of Androsch's holdings included majority stakes in Future Advanced Composite Components ( FACC ) AG in Ried im Innkreis ( acquired by Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation in 2009 ) and in KTM Sportmotorcycle AG.
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