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  1. His sister, Carole Facal, is a noted singer-songwriter in Quebec.
  2. But behind closed doors the linguistic mathematics were not lost on Facal and other separatists.
  3. Facal did not run as a candidate in the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Montr閍l.
  4. Facal supported this, saying that the party needed a leadership contest to update its platform.
  5. Joseph Facal was appointed as the minister responsible for this position on March 8, 2001.
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  7. "' Bar Facal "'is one of the most traditional Uruguayan coffeehouse.
  8. Founded in 1882, by Galician Manuel Facal and his brothers; Is the oldest Uruguayan downtown bar.
  9. While holding this portfolio, Facal emerged as a prominent voice on the right wing of the Parti Qu閎閏ois.
  10. Facal was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and moved with his family to Sherbrooke, Quebec, in 1970.
  11. Facal was promoted to cabinet on 23 September 1998, as minister responsible for the Outaouais on 15 December 1998.
  12. The following month, Facal published a seventy-page book entitled " Le declin du federalisme canadien ".
  13. In May 2001, Facal called on the Canadian government to give Quebec a greater role in citizenship ceremonies for new Canadians.
  14. Landry shuffled his cabinet on 30 January 2002, and named Facal as minister of state for administration and the public service.
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