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  1. Using facadism, the facades of those buildings have been retained and restored.
  2. This is an example of facadism.
  3. Facadism can be the response to the interiors of a building becoming unusable, such as being damaged by fire.
  4. One 19th century single-story building remains as a facade curtain for a nine-story office block ( see facadism ).
  5. The Clarendon Tower was built on the site of the former Clarendon Hotel and kept most of the historic hotel's fa鏰de, which was the first example of facadism in Christchurch.
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  7. However, implementation applied only to heritage registered buildings and it was relaxed in subsequent years, which allowed several poor examples of facadism to appear particularly with heritage buildings of only local significance.
  8. In the late 1990s, facadism was discouraged with the introduction of a 10-metre policy, which advocated for the retention of at least 10 metres of the front of a building.
  9. While the controversial practice of facadism is encouraged by governments in some cities ( such as Toronto, Sydney and Brisbane ), it is actively discouraged in others ( such as Paris and Melbourne ).
  10. The current building retains the striking Art Deco fa鏰des of the east ( along Bay Street ) and south ( Lake Shore Boulevard ) walls of that structure, but the rest of the building ( facing Union Station ) was removed to make room for the arena, through the process of facadism.
  11. Particular criticism has been levelled at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Wellington Street as being a  missed opportunity and  a bland exercise in facadism, complete with badly proportioned towers, archways and pediments, supposedly based upon earlier brick warehouses, architecture whose structural integrity it manages to both mimic and mock.

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