facades in a sentence

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  1. These extended the Fifth Avenue facade from 80th to 84th streets.
  2. He says it's all a facade to market himself.
  3. It's a facade anyway, it's acting.
  4. The loans can be used to improve store facades and interiors.
  5. The imposing sandstone facade is the length of three football fields.
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  7. Its white facade and wrought iron balconies gleam in the sunlight.
  8. Imprisonment is hinted at in these walls, facades and enclosures.
  9. Democrats countered that Powell was a convenient facade for the party.
  10. Unfortunately he has concealed them behind a flimsy facade of demagoguery.
  11. Is this just a facade, often masking an ugly racism?
  12. Under the rough facade of the toughest buyer sat a consumer.
  13. The facade of Chicago's Palmer House is center stage.
  14. There were parts of the facade literally falling into the street.
  15. Strieder said dismissively, " a Potemkin facade ."
  16. Iran is a country of such public facades and personal accommodations.
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