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  1. There will be only cheerful fac es at this conference table.
  2. Jeff Sadler, an analyst with FAC Equity in Boston disagrees.
  3. The single's Factory Records catalogue number is FAC 53.
  4. I take it you support the move to FAC, then?
  5. If it were in FAC, I'd oppose it.
  6. It's difficult to find fac in a sentence.
  7. Expect resistance if you keep it this way at FAC time.
  8. In 1972 a series of FAC militants were captured and tortured.
  9. In 1975 FAC again suffered a wave of detention and captures.
  10. It is not " brilliant " writing as per FAC requirements.
  11. I think we can push for FAC early this coming week.
  12. I will nominate the article and start the FAC process tonight.
  13. The article will never make it through FAC with bad pictures.
  14. I actually thought it was close to FAC at that point.
  15. After that, your nomination should appear on the fac page.
  16. *The article has been in FAC for quite some time.
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