fabulous in a sentence

"fabulous" meaning  "fabulous" in Chinese  
  1. "My dancers were fabulous, " she recalled.
  2. "Absolutely Fabulous " is grandly bawdy and uninhibited.
  3. Marcia Clark, she said, was doing a fabulous job.
  4. And where could " Absolutely Fabulous " be seen?
  5. Theodosopoulous says it also is fabulous served hot with mashed potatoes.
  6. It's difficult to find fabulous in a sentence.
  7. "It was absolutely fabulous, " said Baldwin.
  8. We've had a fabulous record with our past fund.
  9. "They've done a fabulous job of reengineering.
  10. "Flashy " and " Fabulous ."
  11. It was to provide a fabulous backdrop for Independence Day celebrations.
  12. All of which makes her a fabulous creature for the theater.
  13. "The animation is fabulous, " she said.
  14. "His bread is fabulous, " she said.
  15. "That would be fabulous, " she says.
  16. It was the farewell performance in my fabulous show business career.
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