fabulous beast in a sentence

  1. Recently a new collection of stories came out under the generic title'The Fabulous Beast '.
  2. The soft-spoken engineer recalls being called, on various occasions, " Fabulous Beast ."
  3. They meet an old hippie named Thomas, who saves them from a Fabulous Beast ( a dragon ).
  4. In 1992 they travelled to Los Angeles and began work on a follow-up album, " Fabulous Beast ".
  5. The candlestick is densely decorated with an openwork composition of human figures, apes and fabulous beasts interspersed between thick intertwined shoots of foliage.
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  7. Elaborate floral designs and fabulous beasts are replaced by dreamy landscapes, solitary figures, literary scenes and poems, all associated with the prevailing scholarly ideal.
  8. The Arlanza fragments in New York still include their section of the black and white frieze with more figures including fabulous beasts running below the large polychrome animals.
  9. During the siege his friend, Miller, is nearly crucified but saved when Cernunnos places a fabulous beast hatchling within him, infusing him with the Blue Fire.
  10. Together they resemble a great children's book jammed with battles and rescues and fabulous beasts, as well as such grimly realistic details as blood spurting from wounded bodies.
  11. In 2005 he joined Michael Keegan Dolan s Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre for their production, The Bull, which controversially played for two weeks at The Dublin Theatre Festival, in a role which many saw as a self-parody.
  12. Marks earliest sewn drawings began as a process of assembling imagery ( faces, heads, human figures, fabulous beasts, flora, structures, objects, etc . ) cut from scraps of disparate commercially printed fabrics, or creating forms from scratch with fabric scraps.
  13. Early in her career, Beisner was best known for her children's books, such as " The Heavenly Zoo " ( 1979 ) and " Fabulous Beasts " ( 1981 ), created in collaboration with the American writer Alison Lurie.
  14. Those who call themselves cryptozoologists like to point out that the gorilla was considered a purely fabulous beast as late as the early 19th century and that the first carcass of a modern coelacanth, a deep-sea fish presumed to have been extinct for millions of years, was not found until 1938.
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