fabulous animal in a sentence

  1. The fabulous animal is called in Italian " Biscione ".
  2. The existence of this supposed fabulous animal is likely to be proved at no distant period.
  3. We both realize that none of this would be possible without the fabulous animals we do dearly love and appreciate.
  4. He also presented a BBC children's series about cryptozoology entitled " Fabulous Animals " ( 1975 ), which featured mythical creatures such as the griffin and kraken.
  5. This modification engendered a long dispute between the local authorities, who were so confused by the revised description that they started to depict the " babr " as a fabulous animal, half-tiger and half-beaver.
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  7. In the same panel is a tent with a sign : " Menagerix & mdash; See The Fabulous Animals "; and a billboard outside of this tent has a picture of the Marsupilami, a famous Belgian comics character.
  8. The ancient tradition among the O'Kellys is that they have borne this fabulous animal since the days of King Tadhg M髍 Ua Cellaigh who fell " fighting like a wolf dog " on the side of the High King of Ireland, Brian Boru, at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014.
  9. ISBN 0-241-02156-1 ), together with pieces featuring " fabulous animals " such as Edgar Allan Poe's Raven, E . Nesbit's Psammead, T . S . Eliot's Mr . Mistoffelees, and Rollicum Bitem the Fox from " The Midnight Folk " by John Masefield.
  10. The tortoise is one of the " Four Fabulous Animals ", The tortoise and the tiger are the only real animals of the four, although the tortoise is depicted with supernatural features such as dragon ears, flaming tentacles at its shoulders and hips, and a long hairy tail representing seaweed and the growth of plant parasites found on older tortoise shells that flow behind the tortoise as it swims.
  11. In Romanesque work the oldest examples are those found on the bases in crypts, where they assumed various conventional forms; being, however, close to the eye, the spur soon developed into an elaborate leaf ornament, which in French 13th-century work and in the early English period is of great beauty; sometimes the spur takes the form of a fabulous animal, such as a griffin.
  12. Arranged near the bodies were two helmets and knee-length chain mail ( hauberks ), probably extracted from the pyre, as well as a cauldron with ram bones, two sacerdotal knives, two golden Byzantine coins, an imported sabre, a miniature dark-red bronze idol of Thor, and two silver-bound aurochs horns decorated with floral motifs, fabulous animals, and figures of a man and a woman shooting at a bird.

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