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  1. As the dispute hints, fabulosity doesn't just happen.
  2. One is that the world doesn't need more jet set fabulosity.
  3. -Sheer fabulosity : You've heard the expression " Miss Thang ?"
  4. They included a relaunch of Le Tigre, along with Decree, and Fabulosity, a junior line of clothing by Kimora Lee Simmons.
  5. And for sheer bonehead fabulosity, there was a television man at the show toting a rolled-up red carpet, which he unfurled at the feet of the Italian celebrities.
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  7. They came for it 50 years ago on the old Route 3 and on Route 28 at the height of its fabulosity, past the giant Euphrates milk bottle, past the Genuine Cape Cod Air sold in Wareham souvenir shops across the canal.
  8. One gets the feeling Rusty wouldn't need to be a part of the robbery if he didn't slip into a new piece of couture fabulosity three times a day, which coincides with the unspoken code of the 1960 version.
  9. Her new album has a couple of awkward moments, including a tentative treatment of " Song of Bernadette, " but for the most part, her so-called " cosmic fabulosity " is on full, mind-expanding display.
  10. The second single " I'm Beautiful Dammitt ! "  in fact not an original but a remake of a song by house music group Uncanny Alliance even opens with the spoken line " " This is the Divine Miss M and I'm here to share with you some rare and stimulating insight about my cosmic fabulosity ! " " and effectively set the tone for the following album.

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