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  1. The works of this period become progressively more metafictional and fabulist.
  2. They're welcome, but I miss the old Brit fabulists.
  3. He, like the fabulist AE Erhlich, was born at Brugg.
  4. For years, the corporate fabulists were in charge.
  5. To anyone else, " The Fabulist " is a disappointment.
  6. It's difficult to find fabulists in a sentence.
  7. "The Fabulist " has its moments.
  8. "The Fabulist " by Stephen Glass.
  9. After the Aesop exhibitions, he turned his attention to the French fabulist La Fontaine.
  10. Gonzo fabulist Hunter S . Thompson?
  11. I find both in the great Italo Calvino, novelist, fabulist, storyteller and critic.
  12. He was familiar with the classics'fabulists'( Aesop, Tom醩 de Iriarte ).
  13. As a director, Andrei Serban is a fabulist, dramatizing stories of mythical and mystical proportion.
  14. It is possible, too, that Polo was a humbug and fabulist who never reached China.
  15. These years are shrouded by Wilder's lifelong flair as a fabulist of the first order.
  16. Rather it's a fabulist reinvention of adolescence, with everything heightened and much remaining mysterious.
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