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  1. The environment is generically Eastern, stressing the play's fabulistic side.
  2. She started with Kafka, then shifted to Heironymus Bosch with her fabulistic tapestry, " The Garden of Earthly Delights ."
  3. Different casts lend different tonalities, but the heartbeat that is so distinctively hers-- fabulistic with a profound moral sense-- remains intact.
  4. Modern-day references to " The Little Prince " include one from " The New York Times " that describes it as " abstract " and " fabulistic ".
  5. "In America " has much of the grittiness and sense of unease that imbues those " earlier works, but the film also has fabulistic qualities, mostly thanks to Sarah and Emma Bolger, the young actresses who play the family's daughters.
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  7. "With is a curiously seductive story that steadily builds a kind of fabulistic power . . . . It's sexy, funny, and reaches a splendid crescendo . . . . A key work in Harington's one-of-a-kind oeuvre . "-Kirkus, starred review
  8. The album did have some critical support, particularly from Robert Christgau of " The Village Voice ", who wrote : " To my astonishment, I think " Under the Red Sky " is Dylan's best album in 15 years, a record that may even signal a ridiculously belated if not totally meaningless return to form & It's fabulistic, biblical & the tempos are postpunk like it oughta be, with [ Kenny ] Aronoff's sprints and shuffles grooving ahead like'60s folk-rock never did . " And Musician ", called the album " a deliberately throwaway masterpiece ".

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