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  1. He attended book signings and reveled in his role as the elder statesman of fabulism.
  2. His fiction has been described as navigating the Irreal, particularly the realm between Magical realism and Fabulism.
  3. The other part was American fabulism, our need for images of imperial majesty arising out of the melting pot.
  4. Wilson says at one point, both quoting John Ford and laying the foundation for his own often fact-free fabulous fabulism.
  5. To a large extent, fabulism and postmodernism coincide; John Barth, for example, was labeled a fabulist until the term " postmodernism " was coined.
  6. It's difficult to find fabulism in a sentence.
  7. Fabulism traditionally refers to fables, parables, and myths, and is sometimes used in contemporary contexts for authors whose work falls within or relates to Magical Realism.
  8. He serves as senior editor for " Boulevard " magazine and fiction co-editor for " Phantom Drift : A Journal of New Fabulism"
  9. Her style, characterized by whimsical humor, precise observations of social conflicts and a distinct sense of the absurd, can be described as auto-fictional fabulism.
  10. He is considered to be the forefather of fabulism, predating writers such as Gabriel Garc韆 M醨quez, Italo Calvino and Julio Cort醶ar, who all note Hern醤dez as a major influence.
  11. "Julian Po " is an odd little nonesuch, a would-be fable that unfolds in a nameless American mountain town gone to seed, but redolent of a fabulism and dreamlike dislocation in the European tradition of Kafka and Duerrenmatt.
  12. Many of his books are set in Orange County, California, and can more specifically be termed " fabulism " that is, fantastic things happen in our present-day world, rather than in traditional fantasy, where the setting is often some other world.
  13. Because in that case, the misinformation is still around to be seen, instead of being shot down more quickly by AFD or removal . " " was countered with " " And what about if a long-term contributor is being investigated for possible fabulism ? " " After I argued that ""
  14. Catherine Carberry of the " Paris Review Daily ", wrote : " Valente slides between realism and fabulism, and her imaginative leaps alone are noteworthy but even more so is the heart that beats throughout these stories " Sadye Teiser of " The Rumpus " wrote : " All of the stories in this luminous debut straddle the line between the known and the unknowable . " By Light We Knew Our Names " illustrates the fact that, whether it s the discovery of your own identity or the inexplicability of others, the world is full of secrets, and we feel most alive when we are trying ( futilely ) to uncover them.

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