fabricate in a sentence

"fabricate" meaning  "fabricate" in Chinese  
  1. A lot of those things were fabricated because she wanted attention.
  2. Your veneers will be fabricated from the information in this mold.
  3. Fabricating the piece has been no less challenging than designing it.
  4. The company has facilities in Europe that make fabricated aluminum products.
  5. They ( the Venezuelan authorities ) came up and fabricated something.
  6. It's difficult to find fabricate in a sentence.
  7. Now you see what's been fabricated out of it.
  8. Her autobiography accuses Johanson of fabricating her remarks in his book.
  9. It is those documents that Whitacre admitted Monday night were fabricated.
  10. The work was consolidated in the metal fabricating division in 1994.
  11. Cohen then started trying the fabricated prototypes in patients in 1993.
  12. You'll never catch me fabricating modesty for very long.
  13. They waste a lot of time interviewing people with fabricated credentials.
  14. I lost my count whether a leak is genuine or fabricated.
  15. The railroad maintains that it neither fabricated nor tampered with evidence.
  16. Instead, Greene fabricated the test results, the FDA charged.
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