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  1. By FLORENCE FABRICANT c . 2002 New York Times News Service
  2. Fabricant was the buyer, beating out four other bidders.
  3. To achieve these successes, Gustave Ferrie sought collaboration as fabricant Carpentier.
  4. Fabricant was first elected for the 2010 and 18, 189 in 2015.
  5. Fabricant is found in a hospital emergency room, collapsing from his injuries.
  6. It's difficult to find fabricant in a sentence.
  7. Neither Bernstein or Fabricant had heard of any other mutilations occurring in Devils Canyon.
  8. Fabricant : That's not a dog.
  9. Fabricant : It's a growth horse.
  10. Fabricant of Richard Gray Gallery was the buyer, beating out four other bidders.
  11. But Conservative parliamentarian Michael Fabricant questioned the strategy.
  12. Butler is adamant she has not seen or heard from Fabricant since his escape.
  13. Black's home telephone number is found on Fabricant's hospital bracelet.
  14. The two principal tasters were Marian Burros and Florence Fabricant of The New York Times.
  15. By FLORENCE FABRICANT . W / photo.
  16. Catherine Grenci Fabricant was born Sept . 24, 1919, in Davoli, Italy.
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