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  1. Fabre is dressed as a beetle; Kabakov as a fly.
  2. Fabre was a popular teacher, physicist, chemist and botanist.
  3. Fabre did not place in either Miss Universe or Miss World.
  4. 蒬ouard-Raymond Fabre contracted cholera and died in July 1854.
  5. Fabre was aged 15 when he accompanied his parents to Paris.
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  7. Fabre Sanders manages a doctor's office in Boston.
  8. Fabre declined to give the company's profit and revenue figures.
  9. Fabre is not bound to his company's headquarters.
  10. The way Fabre runs his business is as unusual as his appearance.
  11. Fabre " perfectly understands our every fashion need, " Roos said.
  12. Banks Hill ( GB ) FR Andre Fabre 119 3.
  13. Andr?Fabre's Shirocco went off favourite and won.
  14. Specifically, he often matches wits with Commissaire Faroux and Inspector Fabre.
  15. This popularity earned Fabre a place in the Florentine Academy.
  16. The Montreal metro station Fabre is also named after him.
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