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  1. Why doesn't Ralph Lauren buy the fabled jewel himself?
  2. Tourists will swipe anything, even bricks, especially fabled bricks.
  3. Unlike the fabled Flexible Flyer, the skeleton has no steering.
  4. To play against the fabled Americans was an honor and privilege.
  5. Sure, fabled North Carolina is a tough way to begin.
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  7. It seems to have become a fabled face in Southern California.
  8. And Cuba was a fabled spot for Americans like Ernest Hemingway.
  9. But for our own time, which decade is most fabled?
  10. "This customer isn't that fabled big woman.
  11. If only some quotable gem would dribble from those fabled lips.
  12. Thankfully, urban sprawl has not consumed the fabled Eastern Shore.
  13. The fabled parachute jump is in foul territory beyond right field.
  14. At twilight, Harlem's fabled street life bursts forth.
  15. Nobody wants to see that fabled streak end on his watch.
  16. Sometimes the best thing about New Yorkers is their fabled provincialism.
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