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  1. Fabius is the sort of man a lot of people hate.
  2. Even acquittal, however, left Fabius'political prospects uncertain.
  3. Fabius's natural expression is a self-satisfied smirk.
  4. Laurent Fabius, France's finance minister, said Sunday.
  5. Fabius also attacked the right on its vague plans of austerity.
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  7. Fabius ordered systematic blood tests starting Aug . 1, 1985.
  8. Laurent Fabius said in an interview with French radio station RTL.
  9. Fabius said, saying strikes have become too common in France.
  10. Fabius continued to argue that confronting Hannibal directly was too dangerous.
  11. But the arrival of Fabius Valens altered the aspect of affairs.
  12. He was married to the youngest daughter of Marcus Fabius Ambustus.
  13. Fabius was later succeeded in this priestly office by his son.
  14. The poet Juvenal described Fabius as a generous patron of poetry.
  15. Finance minister Laurent Fabius called the layoffs " brutal ."
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