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  1. The new government of Fabian Alarcon has only partially reinstated them.
  2. Katilan Fabian, 23, one Socialist voter, said Monday.
  3. This is writer-director Fabian Bielinsky's first film.
  4. So begins " Hondo & Fabian,"
  5. Fabian called it a simple matter of a breach of contract.
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  7. Bonilla beat goalkeeper Fabian Karini with a right-footed shot.
  8. Fabian said some were roughed up a little if they resisted.
  9. Teammates David Ferreria, Tressor Moreno and Fabian Vargas added goals.
  10. Bueno headed on a cross from the right to Fabian Canobbio.
  11. Midfielder Fabian O'Neill looks like the main injury worry.
  12. The overnight leader, Fabian Cancellara of Switzerland, lies fourth.
  13. Chilean Fabian Estay made it 3-0 in the 52nd.
  14. Hamilton, Bermuda _ Prince Edward visiting to assess Fabian damage.
  15. An architect from Minneapolis, Fabian Redmond, designed the building.
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