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  1. Graduates sit for FAA examinations and are awarded internationally recognized licenses.
  2. The FAA, however, made no move to discipline Robbins.
  3. However, the FAA has made similar promises in the past.
  4. The FAA refuses to compare the results of inspections of airlines.
  5. The oversight was spotted by an FAA inspector monitoring the training.
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  7. The FAA believes the problem can be solved with new software.
  8. FAA officials, without comment, played the tape for reporters.
  9. They were flown to Washington to be opened by FAA technicians.
  10. Cox Newspapers made the FAA aware of the associations last week.
  11. Both the FAA and the FBI were involved in the investigation.
  12. The inspector said her inquiry encountered frequent resistance from FAA headquarters.
  13. The Europeans had been monitoring the plane along with the FAA.
  14. The FAA expected to issue its decision no later than Monday.
  15. Such boxes are generally not marked as belonging to the FAA.
  16. An FAA doctor will then rule on his fitness to fly.
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