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  1. I should have knocked that fa---- out.
  2. "I know that, " said The Fa.
  3. Says FA's Mabbs : " Choose your poison.
  4. But even the FA couldn't do that,"
  5. He has 14 days to answer the FA's charges.
  6. It's difficult to find fa in a sentence.
  7. The FA is allowing Grobbelaar to continue playing pending the investigation.
  8. Cantona has 14 days to answer the FA's charge.
  9. The FA said it will examine the league's report.
  10. Kelly said the FA's ban would apply outside England.
  11. FA chairman Bert Millichip also indicated a life ban was probable.
  12. Details of English FA Cup and Premier League games played Saturday:
  13. Nogueras, Rigau and Fas Alzamora didn't immediately respond.
  14. She said FA rules prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex.
  15. tpe102, artist hsu tang-fa displays his artwork the plastic
  16. The FA also had the power to ban Stanislaus for life.
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