extraneous in a sentence

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  1. There is no good case for imposing extraneous conditions on Mexico.
  2. The Congress should not attach extraneous political considerations to this legislation.
  3. They don't want to confuse you with extraneous details.
  4. Instead, they point to the extraneous, like school uniforms.
  5. His signing appears to have made an entire football team extraneous.
  6. It's difficult to find extraneous in a sentence.
  7. Removes extraneous word " as " from penultimate graf.
  8. Extraneous noise like the occasional passing aircraft poses no serious problem.
  9. She taught him to identify themes and weed out extraneous material.
  10. It eliminates extraneous gesture or expression and any suggestion of narrative.
  11. That is all extraneous to the inner drive of Jason Kidd.
  12. I gave her things that I thought were extraneous, yes,
  13. Removes extraneous material in 52nd graph, " December, XXXX"
  14. Or are there deeper as well as extraneous elements to it?
  15. There is no extraneous space nor is there too little ."
  16. I do feel the initial creator included too much extraneous materials.
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