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  1. You don't believe that something external guides your life.
  2. Current external defibrillators use the same electrical charge as early models.
  3. The pressure to hire Tarkanian is as much external as internal.
  4. They have internally consistent world views often supported by external facts.
  5. We are in a position to meet all our external obligations,
  6. It's difficult to find external in a sentence.
  7. With external modems, turn the power off to the modem.
  8. We expect to see slower growth because of slower external demand.
  9. Still, these external realities inform rather than dictate the novel.
  10. In addition, the market is seeking external investors for Equitas.
  11. An external audit will doubtless identify other money-saving measures.
  12. In people, an external threat reduces the risk of suicide.
  13. Guarascio said, " but you cannot ignore external forces.
  14. Adding an external model will cost about $ 200.7.
  15. It's all about creating a buffer from external accountability.
  16. Crush all internal and external destructive elements as the common enemy.
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