external access in a sentence

"external access" in Chinese  
  1. One such crossing provides the only external access to Halfway station.
  2. A single door, located near the stage, allows southern external access.
  3. The northern room is accessed from the southern room and has no external access.
  4. In this extensive area it is impossible to control external access to the off-limits area.
  5. ;No external access : Redcode and the MARS architecture provide no input or output functions.
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  7. Touch ID allows users to unlock the cloud, making it very difficult for external access.
  8. An open passageway behind the north-east wing ( pharmacy ) provides external access to the courtyard.
  9. Most can allow internal and external access to specific corporate information using secure authentication or single sign-on.
  10. If all external access is guaranteed to come through the mutator, then these steps cannot be bypassed.
  11. The size of this cache memory reduces the number of external accesses which the CPU has to make.
  12. External access to this portion of the church is via double doors on the truncated corners of both transepts.
  13. The " but " was an outer room, with external access, used for cooking, storage and other household work.
  14. Because these crypts allow external access to the deep portions of the tonsils, these tonsils are more vulnerable to infection.
  15. External access to the lower barracks area is gained via Blamey Street and Kelvin Grove Road, through the upper barracks.
  16. The game was originally region locked to Japan, as Square Enix had implemented IP blocking software to prevent external access.
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