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  1. In 2012 interview about his work on movies, Sachs talked about his work on Exterminator 2.
  2. Exterminator 2 had a very troubled production which included budget problems, heavy re-editing and re-shoots, and censorship issues.
  3. The Executioner is often cited as the inspiration for the Marvel Comics character The Punisher, who also fights the Mafia, as well as James Glickenhaus'films " The Exterminator " ( 1980 ) and " Exterminator 2 " ( 1984 ).
  4. Sachs tried to get co-director credit for his work on Exterminator 2 but wound up accepting a co-writer and  additional scenes directed by credit due to a legal battle with Buntzman .  I joined the Director s Guild after that he said.
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