extermination through labor in a sentence

  1. Their workload was intentionally made impossibly high, under the policy of extermination through labor.
  2. The Doggerstollen was built by approximately 9500 prisoners of whom 4000 died ( " Extermination through labor ", ).
  3. Treatment of Slavic and Jewish slaves was particularly harsh, since they were considered sub-human in Nazi Germany, and Jews were targeted for " extermination through labor ".
  4. Extermination through labor was a policy of systematic extermination camp inmates would literally be worked to death, or worked to physical exhaustion, when they would be gassed or shot.
  5. There were another few " concentration " camps, such as the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp in pre-war Austria, which were designed as Extermination through labor camps.
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  7. Malnourished and suffering from disease, many were literally " worked to death " under the " Vernichtung durch Arbeit " policy ( extermination through labor ), as inmates only had the choice between slave labor or inevitable execution.
  8. Those sent to the camps included the " educable ", whose wills could be broken into becoming " National Comrades ", and the " biologically depraved ", who were to be sterilized, were to be held permanently, and over time were increasingly subject to extermination through labor, i . e ., being worked to death.

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