extermination order in a sentence

  1. Later that year Extermination Order for Mormons in that state.
  2. The Extermination Order was not formally rescinded until 1976.
  3. The extermination order was not formally rescinded until 1976.
  4. But they never faced a written extermination order.
  5. A copy of Trotha's Extermination Order survives in the Botswana National Archives.
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  7. General John Bullock Clark had been appointed by Governor Boggs to enforce the extermination order.
  8. The Latter Day Saints were finally driven from Missouri in 1838 as a consequence of the Extermination Order.
  9. The genocide followed an " extermination order " from German colonial commander Lieutenant-General von Trotha.
  10. In 1839, an executive order on October 27, 1838, known as the " Extermination Order ".
  11. Young participated in many significant events in early extermination order which had been issued by Lilburn W . Boggs.
  12. In September 1837, Marks was appointed to the Extermination Order " signed into law by Lilburn W . Boggs.
  13. The legality of Boggs'" Extermination Order " was debated in the legislature, but its objectives were achieved.
  14. Executive Order 44 is often referred to as the " Extermination Order " due to the phrasing used by Governor Boggs.
  15. Executive Order 44 is often referred to as the " Mormon Extermination Order " due to the phrasing used by Boggs.
  16. To make his attitude to the Herero absolutely clear, Trotha then issued the " Vernichtungsbefehl ", or extermination order:
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