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  1. It is bounded exteriorly by an indistinct pale brown line.
  2. The peristome is thin, though slrongly ribbed exteriorly.
  3. The hindwings are brown, but darker exteriorly.
  4. The abdomen is ochreous white and the legs are white, mottled with black exteriorly.
  5. Exteriorly, of the Gothic period only two portal are visible today, as well as the apse.
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  7. The veins are partially marked with suffused dark fuscous lines on these streaks, and towards the costa exteriorly.
  8. Adoration is a willing submission of self to God expressed interiorly as well as exteriorly by one's actions.
  9. The median one-third is chocolate, bordered exteriorly by a lunulate whitish band and with the nervures white.
  10. Adjoining this band exteriorly, is a dark brownish-red, curved band, which does not cross the fold.
  11. At the end of the cell is a small round white dot, edged by black scales exteriorly and red scales interiorly.
  12. Both are nearly straight edged and perpendicular on the edge of the wing, though the outer one is slightly concave exteriorly.
  13. Exteriorly, bits of the aluminium covering are missing; also, never installed were the glass encasing the pavilions on the staircases.
  14. There is a submarginal and marginal row of white lunules, the former concave exteriorly and the latter interiorly and bordered by a brown marginal line.
  15. The peristome is strong, with a rather wide, deep sinus above, protracted lower on, bordered exteriorly by a strong, rounded rib.
  16. These reach nearly to the end of the cell and are separated by a narrow bluish metallic streak and are edged exteriorly with white scales on the costa.
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