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  1. A thin nylon tail remains exteriorized and is used for removal.
  2. These tools are exteriorized forms of mental processes manifested in constructs, whether physical or psychological.
  3. When your country lacks everything, when there is killing, terrorist attacks, it's hard to exteriorize your own personal happiness ."
  4. The distance Mishima achieved by exteriorizing many of his own lyrical impulses through a quasi-historical protagonist no doubt accounts for the control he maintained throughout that book, his final great work.
  5. Nature s truth within the human being is exteriorized, made visible, through the " silent and subtile language " ( 147 ) of the human body as a fascinating means of non-verbal communication.
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  7. Often enough, the ludic purposes and the catechistical purposes are mixed up with the struggle to exteriorize the municipal and the archiepiscopal powers, and generate an overwhelming growth of the spectacular nature and complexity of the Festivities.
  8. The fashion items they market are exteriorized with a  N . E . W ( Natural, Edge, Wit ) style; in other words it s a fusion between their authentic British look and a casual style for those in their 20 s.
  9. According to FDA records dating from 1970 that Ortega published in 2015, one of the two said that he had received a letter suggesting that he use " a 45 caliber pistol to exteriorize himself ", while the other " stated he also received letters indicating he should apply technique R2-45 to himself ".
  10. Thus, " Necroplasm " probably means " dead cells " or " formed of dead tissue . " The word is a play on the term " ectoplasm ", which denotes a substance or spiritual energy that is " exteriorized " by physical mediums and said to be associated with the formation of ghosts.
  11. As " Yatag " makes the part stand for the whole, skimming off the first letters of the words and abstracting the words into a new sound, bop pulled apart and rearranged chords and melodic motifs from older songs, exteriorizing the tunes'harmonies and opening everything to extended improvisation, bop's raison d'etre.
  12. In 2012, Ohio State University professor Hugh Urban asserted that Hubbard had adopted many of his theories from the early to mid 20th century astral projection pioneer Sylvan Muldoon stating that Hubbard's description of exteriorizing the thetan is extremely similar if not identical to the descriptions of astral projection in occult literature popularized by Muldoon's widely read Phenomena of Astral Projection ( 1951 ) ( co-written with Hereward Carrington ) and that Muldoon's description of the astral body as being connected to the physical body by a long thin, elastic cord is virtually identical to the one described in Hubbard's " Excalibur " vision.

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