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  1. Conductors in exterior power systems may be placed overhead or underground.
  2. The bracket ring appears as the ring of polynomial functions on the exterior power.
  3. A Lie algebra-valued differential " k "-form on a manifold, M, is a smooth exterior power.
  4. The construction uses 2? minor determinants, or equivalently the second exterior power of the underlying vector space of dimension 4.
  5. Baldwin had the interior repainted and the exterior power washed, brought in some area rugs and made several other decorating changes.
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  7. More generally, the " n " th exterior power of the symplectic form on a symplectic manifold is a volume form.
  8. In the supersymmetric case there is no highest exterior power, but there is a still a similar definition of the Berezinian as follows.
  9. He invented the Adams operations in K-theory, which are derived from the exterior powers; they are now also widely used in purely algebraic contexts.
  10. The volume form is the top exterior power of the symplectic 2-form, and is just another representation of the measure on the phase space described above.
  11. Rather than defining first and then identifying the exterior powers as certain subspaces, one may alternatively define the spaces first and then combine them to form the algebra.
  12. Mathematically, a pseudoscalar is an element of the top exterior power of a vector space, or the top power of a Clifford algebra; see pseudoscalar ( Clifford algebra ).
  13. where ? is the holomorphic cotangent bundle and the notation ? [ 2 ] means the " tensor square " ( " not " the second exterior power ).
  14. The advantage of the V-Prop is that it is very light and compact, it requires no exterior power source, is fail-safe, and being completely automatic, requires no pilot input.
  15. The determinant of an endomorphism of a free module " M " can be defined as the induced action on the 1-dimensional highest exterior power of " M ".
  16. A volume form is a nowhere vanishing section & omega; of \ bigwedge ^ n T ^ * M, the top exterior power of the cotangent bundle of " M ".
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