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  1. It uses an exterior Water and Boil Proof ( WBP ) glue similar to most exterior plywoods.
  2. Exterior plywood, oriented strand boards ( OSB ), engineered laminated composite lumber ( LCL ) are typical applications.
  3. The difference between regular and exterior plywood is that the exterior plywood is glued with a waterproof glue.
  4. The difference between regular and exterior plywood is that the exterior plywood is glued with a waterproof glue.
  5. Fairly long, wide, shallow-curved boards can be cut from large sheets ( 4 by 8 feet ) of exterior plywood.
  6. It's difficult to find exterior plywood in a sentence.
  7. Q . When I built a miniature lighthouse as a yard decoration, I used regular plywood instead of exterior plywood.
  8. Such materials included Rotary Red Cedar Exterior plywood panelling, also featured in the Plywood and Plywood Products journal of September 1961.
  9. Perhaps not as well as exterior plywood; there is little you can do about it anyway, other than what you have already done.
  10. Take a piece of 3 / 4-inch-thick exterior plywood cut to the size of the opening in which the A / C sets.
  11. You may have to install an extra layer of exterior plywood under one of the floors to bring them both to the same level.
  12. Q . My metal bulkhead doors have 7 1 / 2-inch-wide exterior plywood on each side so the doors can cover the oversized opening.
  13. A . If the floor is exterior plywood, it will resist water for some years, especially if the floor dries out reasonably fast after getting wet.
  14. A shim could be a 1 / 4-inch hardboard or 1 / 2-inch exterior plywood; any wood, really, to bring the sill up to the proper level.
  15. Phenolic resins are also used for making exterior plywood commonly known as WBP ( Weather & boil proof ) Plywood because phenolic resins have no melting point but only a decomposing point in the temperature zone of 220 degree Celsius and above.

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