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  1. The hindwings are whitish, with the exterior part tinged with pale fawn-colour.
  2. Upon cooling, the exterior part contracts, putting the interior frame under compression.
  3. The coupe and the sedan share virtually no exterior parts except their headlights.
  4. Build this thing so any exterior part can be removed in under 20 minutes.
  5. He says he has all the exterior parts and can do an authentic exterior restoration.
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  7. The valley has been secluded as has been most of the exterior parts of Ladakh.
  8. The solid steel exterior parts into latticework to allow views from the glass behind them.
  9. They have 40 percent fewer exterior parts and take 23 hours to build rather than 36 hours.
  10. Two plaques bearing Latin inscriptions were also found incorporated into the exterior part of the southern wall.
  11. Exterior parts that are specific to the GXP include new fascias, headlamps, taillamps, exhaust tips and a spoiler.
  12. Union officials say the plant will run out of Canadian-supplied brake pedals, front exterior parts and other components by midweek.
  13. This is also reflected in the parts they use such as MB Racing wheels and carbon fibre interior and exterior parts.
  14. What has been studied is the exterior part of the worship, which uses almost entirely Catholic symbols, appropriated by Afro-Brazilian religion.
  15. Window air conditioners commonly use a dual-shaft fan to operate separate blowers for the interior and exterior parts of the device.
  16. On the opposite side of the north wall Rivera depicts the manufacturing process of the exterior parts to the motor car.
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