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  1. The memorial will consist of four exterior panels visible to the public.
  2. The exterior panels are made out of composite fire retardant fibre-reinforced plastic.
  3. The Vehicle Assembly Building lost 1, 000 exterior panels, each x in size.
  4. The exterior panels serve as a funerary monument for the donors.
  5. The only exterior panel shared with Ka is the bonnet.
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  7. The latest count had 820 exterior panels missing from the 52-story Vehicle Assembly Building.
  8. Hurricane Jeanne later blew off 30 exterior panels from the 52-story Vehicle Assembly Building.
  9. Exterior panels are assembled carefully to close tolerances, and the paint is deep and rich.
  10. ASA foils are used in in-mold decoration for forming e . g . car exterior panels.
  11. Crazier still, neither of these exterior panels has any way to lock it-not even a hasp for a padlock.
  12. The Opel platform was heavily modified to include a space frame, a skeleton-like structure to which exterior panels are attached.
  13. The exterior panels and subframes of the car were severely damaged but Koenigsegg stated that the car would be rebuilt.
  14. Memling breaks with that tradition in these exterior panels, but the subdued palette he uses retains some sense of grisaille.
  15. The exterior panels on the reverse are covered with plain paint without evidence that they ever contained a donor portrait.
  16. Like many mid-15th century polyptychs, the exterior panels borrow heavily from the " Ghent Altarpiece ", which was completed in 1432.
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