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  1. A fresh expression of American concern and hope is urgently needed.
  2. I wish somebody would have taken a picture of my expression.
  3. Pardon the Rams if they resort to similar expressions of superstition.
  4. A man of eclectic interests, he is learning Yiddish expressions.
  5. It opens up the possibility for new resources of human expression.
  6. It's difficult to find expression in a sentence.
  7. In class, my friends often translate Russian expressions for me.
  8. His expression always was one of somber distance and benign loneliness.
  9. This is another strong expression of parental support for Prudential Securities,
  10. I see his expressions in her, his attention to detail.
  11. PROFANITY The strongest expression uttered : " Blast !"
  12. Facial expressions and gestures are as important as the spoken word.
  13. An expression briefly crosses his face as he lifts the child.
  14. After time we became the leading organization in freedom of expression.
  15. Ford's favorite expression is a four-letter expletive.
  16. In music, there's a wider range of expression.
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