expression atlas in a sentence

  1. The end result is something the scientists there call a gene expression atlas.
  2. The Expression Atlas allows searches by gene, splice variant and protein attribute.
  3. There are two components to the Expression Atlas, the Baseline Atlas and the Differential Atlas:
  4. The "'Expression Atlas "'is a database that provides information on gene expression patterns.
  5. "' Experimental factor ontology "', also known as "'EFO "', is an experimental variables particularly those used in molecular biology . in resources such as Ensembl, ChEMBL and Expression Atlas.
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  7. SIB develops and maintains databases of international standing, including UniProtKB / Swiss-Prot ( curated protein sequence database providing a high level of annotation ), neXtProt ( human-centric protein knowledge platform ), SWISS-MODEL Repository ( three-dimensional protein structure models ), STRING ( protein interaction networks for Systems Biology ), SwissRegulon ( genome-wide transcription regulatory networks ), Eukaryotic Promoter Database ( EPD ), SWISS-2DPAGE ( 2D gel database ), WORLD-2DPAGE Repository ( 2D gel repository ), mirz ( small RNA expression atlas ), CLIPZ ( databases of binding sites of RNA-binding proteins ), PROSITE ( protein families and domains ), MyHits ( protein sequences and motifs ), CleanEx ( gene expression data ), Bgee ( database to retrieve and compare gene expression patterns between animal species ), OpenFlu ( database for human and animal influenza virus ), ViralZone ( portal to viral UniProtKB entries ), GlycoSuiteDB ( glycan database ), SugarBindDB ( Pathogen Sugar-Binding Database ), OrthoDB ( the hierarchical catalogue of eukaryotic orthologs ), miROrtho ( the catalogue of animal microRNA genes ), ImmunoDB ( insect immune-related genes and gene families ) and Cellosaurus ( a knowledge resource on cell lines ).

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