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  1. Compared to expression analysis, phosphoproteomics provides two additional layers of information.
  2. This data was combined with microarray expression analysis and potential novel ncRNAs identified.
  3. The process of measuring gene expression via cDNA is called expression analysis or expression profiling.
  4. Gene expression analysis also benefits from microbeads, such as isolating mRNA for transcriptional analysis.
  5. Expression Analysis of Steroid Pathway Genes Revealed Positive Correlation with Diosgenin Biosynthesis in Trillium govanianum.
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  7. Pattern-based RNA expression analysis provides increased diagnostic and prognostic capability in predicting therapeutic responses for individuals.
  8. It has been found LACTB could cause obesity through gene co-expression analysis based on data integrated from multiple sources.
  9. It is frequently used in the expression analysis of single or multiple genes, and expression patterns for identifying infections and diseases.
  10. Traditionally, micro-expressions are very difficult to recognize through automated facial expression analysis because of their short duration and involuntariness.
  11. It captures and analyzes the array images, provides workflow tracking of data, manages experiment data, and carries out basic expression analysis.
  12. Expression analysis has implicated IQGAP1 in ovarian cancers, and in some of these cancers, higher IQGAP1 expression levels indicate a poor prognosis.
  13. The advent of next-generation sequencing has made sequence based expression analysis an increasingly popular, " digital " alternative to microarrays called RNA-Seq.
  14. After the systematic knockout is completed ( and possibly confirmed by mRNA expression analysis ), the phenotypic results of the knockdown / knockout can be observed.
  15. Another study showed that culture of human embryonic stem cells in mitotically inactivated porcine ovarian fibroblasts ( POF ) causes differentiation into germ cells, as evidenced by gene expression analysis.
  16. Clinically, trancriptomic biomarkers detect multi-gene molecular patterns, such as miRNA, which can be analyzed and processed through pattern-based RNA expression analysis to isolate differentiated molecular subtypes.
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