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  1. The express train's coming . . . we race to the track.
  2. Shatabdi Express trains offer fast connectivity with only a few intermediate stops.
  3. Reservations, for an additional few dollars, are often required on express trains.
  4. There is demand for a direct express train from Baripada to Puri.
  5. We will try to develop this train into an international-standard express train.
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  7. The Orient Express trains, machinery and track had routinely been inspected Saturday.
  8. The superfast Shatabdi Express trains run from Bengaluru to Chennai and Mysuru.
  9. By fall, the new highway and express train route will be ready.
  10. Express trains originating at Bridgeport may be added in September, he said.
  11. The airport is served by the Delhi Airport Metro Express train line.
  12. The attack Saturday missed an express train carrying nearly 1, 000 passengers.
  13. Byng was killed by an express train at Potters Bar railway station.
  14. They showed a lake steamer, an express train and an electric automobile.
  15. They jostle and sway like subway passengers on a rush-hour express train.
  16. All regional express trains and regional trains stop in St . Wendel.
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