express to in a sentence

"express to" in Chinese  
  1. Newtown station then requested permission for the express to proceed to Abermule.
  2. I use Visual Web Developer 2005 Express to make my web pages.
  3. Many trains on the BNSF run express to or from Downers Grove.
  4. Let me express to you that I believe that racism is wrong.
  5. It's the No . 7 train and the express to the Bronx.
  6. It's difficult to find express to in a sentence.
  7. Limited rush hour E trains also run express to Jamaica 179th Street.
  8. Middlebury College alumni paid to have it shipped via express to Washington.
  9. Mark Adamsbaum took the ballpark express to the Giants'final home game Thursday.
  10. The sale of Roadway Express to shareholders will leave two distinct companies.
  11. Web project and with Federal Express to move shipping onto the Internet.
  12. The dispute is over the right of Federal Express to operate in Japan.
  13. It also will allow Corporate Express to offer same-day delivery services.
  14. Shinjo sent it via Federal Express to a leather shop in Los Angeles.
  15. Buddy Gil defeated Indian Express to win the Santa Anita Derby last month.
  16. "I officially express to you my deepest apology for the incident,"
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