express themselves in a sentence

"express themselves" in Chinese  
  1. The Society enabled youth to express themselves while participating in useful tasks.
  2. Fowler said students should also be given the opportunity to express themselves.
  3. Gandee also gives fans an opportunity to express themselves with guest columns.
  4. We actually created a space where kids can go and express themselves.
  5. He says he simply wants people to express themselves on his show.
  6. It's difficult to find express themselves in a sentence.
  7. It gives people an opportunity to express themselves any way they wish.
  8. I just feel solidarity with people who are trying to express themselves,
  9. Now they have a medium of communication so they can express themselves,
  10. Adema lauded Earache for allowing " bands to express themselves creatively ."
  11. They should leave its readers free to express themselves as they like.
  12. All could express themselves to various degrees and could read and write.
  13. Could it be true _ women express themselves more verbally than men?
  14. This is an outrageous attack on the artistic rights to express themselves,
  15. However, he said students with other views are allowed to express themselves.
  16. Toddlers often act out because they lack language to express themselves.
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