express fm in a sentence

  1. Express FM is the fifth-launched private radio station in Tunisia.
  2. Crawford now works as a summariser on Express FM commentaries on Ipswich Town games.
  3. He is known for his loud cheers and shouts and became an instant hit on Express FM.
  4. Five private radio stations have been established, including Mosaique FM, Express FM, Shems FM and private television stations such as Hannibal TV and Nessma TV.
  5. "' Express FM "'is a private Tunisian radio station specializing in economics which was founded in October 21, 2010 by Mourad Gueddiche and Naoufel Ben Rayana, co-founders of Maghreb Productions Communication ( MPC ).
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  7. Since then, private radio stations have started broadcasting in Tunisia : Mosa飍ue FM, Jawhara FM, Zitouna FM, Shems FM and Express FM and after the Tunisian Revolution several new private stations founded as Mines FM ( Sawt Elmanajem ), Kalima FM and Oasis FM.
  8. Other radio stations based outside of Fareham, with The Breeze on 107.4FM, BBC Radio Solent on 96.1FM and Jack FM ( formerly Original 106 & The Coast ) on 106.6FM, and a non-profit community radio station Express FM on 93.7FM.
  9. There are nevertheless critics who allege that he and his family have benefitted conspicuously from his closeness to the Ben Ali regime, reflected, it is said, in villas, a monopoly on the import of certain medicaments, and the launch in 2010 by his son of the radio station Express FM.
  10. The broadcast rights to Portsmouth F . C .'s matches remained with the club, meaning that the club's matches would no longer be broadcast on 107.4 FM . It was agreed days before the start of the 2010 & ndash; 11 Championship season that Express FM, a community station for Portsmouth, would now broadcast the commentary for Portsmouth F . C . matches.

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