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  1. The doctor should encourage patients and families to express feelings freely.
  2. Others express feelings ranging from good-humored resignation to exasperation.
  3. They can express feelings, which is good for photo taking.
  4. _Sometimes drawing pictures can help a child express feelings.
  5. "You can't express feelings like this.
  6. It's difficult to find express feelings in a sentence.
  7. This lyric expresses feelings validated by Swinburne s pessimistic philosophy.
  8. He also expresses feelings for Yuki, but she also rejects him.
  9. Another key goal is providing kids with a safe place to express feelings.
  10. Parents should then try to encourage the child to express feelings as well.
  11. Some of his final writings express feelings of despair.
  12. I wanted to see how dancers use movement to express feelings and tell stories.
  13. These artists used the awkward look of woodcut images to express feelings of anguish.
  14. Narco cinema develops anti-norms and expresses feelings discouraged in culturally accepted institutions.
  15. That made it essential to find a child who could express feelings non-verbally.
  16. Activity : Jumps up and down to express feelings of joy, enthusiasm and surprise.
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