express fc in a sentence

  1. He was signed by Express FC after the Inter regions tournament in 2011 which was won by his team Central.
  2. It is currently used mostly for football matches and serves as the home venue of Express FC of the Ugandan Super League.
  3. During the exciting end to the season, defending champions URA FC and Express FC were tied atop the league table with 51 points.
  4. "' Tony Odur "'( born 7 December 1984 ) is a Ugandan football player who currently plays for EXPRESS FC in Uganda.
  5. In terms of records the highest goalscorer in KDFL history was Ali Kitonsa of Express FC who scored 54 goals in 18 appearances during the 1964 season.
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  7. Chanda was relieved of his duties the following season, and reassigned to another Zambian Super League team Railway Express FC who shared the same sponsors as Warriors.
  8. In 1891 the original Ashford United was formed when the South Eastern Rangers amalgamated with Kentish Express FC . Initially their home ground was at the back of the Victoria Hotel.
  9. SC Villa won promotion to the top flight of Ugandan football in 1979, joining the local soccer scene hitherto dominated by Express FC, Simba FC, and Kampala City Council FC.
  10. At the end of the season, Wanderers were relegated from the Premier league but were saved by a boardroom decision when Rail Express FC, one of the teams that finished above them was disbanded so they continued in the top league.
  11. By 1968 KCC were playing teams like Express FC, Army FC, KDS " ( Kampala District Bus Services ) ", Railways, UEB and Nsambya in Division One of the KDFL but in 1971 they were relegated back to the Second Division.
  12. Express FC defeated the Army side Simba FC 2-0 in a crucial league match but were subsequently banned for allegedly being involving in anti-government activities, by the Governor of the Central Province, Col . Abdallah Nasur, who was unhappy about his side's loss.

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