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  1. No 13 was a 2-4-0 express engine from Beyer, Peacock, in 1903.
  2. The latter two were retired Southern Railway Express engine drivers.
  3. The front end design was of the same form as the V2 express engines.
  4. The express engine derailed and veered to the right.
  5. Until the arrival of large numbers of the A B class the As'were country's premier express engines.
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  7. Until then, Jubilees were the largest express engine normally found on the lines running out of LMS system.
  8. For his express engines, he shifted the trailing wheel to the front in the 4-2-0 formation, as in his " Great A ".
  9. The suspense was heightened by a failure to switch on a small radio antenna that would have indicated whether the Mars Express engine had fired.
  10. In the meantime the S 3 / 5 was mainly used on passenger train duties in the Reichsbahndirektionen of Nuremberg, because enough modern express engines were now available.
  11. The first of these was a B1 class ( " Gladstone class " ) express engines of 1882 for which he is best remembered, the last of which survived until 1933.
  12. However, in 1923 the first batch of Charles Collett's GWR 4073 Class ( also called Castle Class ) 4-6-0 express engines entered service and this enabled a significant improvement in timings.
  13. In the 1850s on the Southern Division, McConnell had some of his express engines painted green with more elaborate patterns of lining in various colours, and in 1861 62 a few Southern Division engines were painted a very dark plum-red.
  14. Given the nature of WA's railways, however, this was not beneficial and the class saw limited service in their intended role as express engines, but continued to serve in country areas ( such as around Northam ) for many years.
  15. The Mars Express engine firing _ scheduled almost simultaneously with the landing _ was meant to slow it enough for Mars'gravity to pull it into orbit _ crucial for Beagle because the orbiter will relay the lander's data back to Earth.
  16. These Manchester to London Euston restaurant car expresses were unique in often being hauled by NSR tank engines from Manchester to Stoke-on-Trent where the LNWR express engines took over for the run via Stone, Sandon, Colwich, and the main line to London Euston.
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