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  1. The other is their ability to express emotion through the acting.
  2. And they still aren't able to completely express emotions.
  3. Both sides of this debate agree that the face expresses emotion.
  4. His lawyer describes him as someone who does not often express emotion.
  5. But as an inanimate object, it can't express emotion.
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  7. He has relived the shock too many times before to express emotion.
  8. Individualistic cultures are seen to express emotions more freely than collectivistic cultures.
  9. His purpose is neither to express emotion nor reference any particular subject.
  10. Then she wrote program code that allows the voice synthesizer to express emotion.
  11. Imagery during the change phase also involves encouraging the patient to express emotions.
  12. He loved to talk, but it was difficult for him to express emotions.
  13. The Javanese usually don't express emotion.
  14. Like modern dancers through the 1960s, he believed that movement should express emotion.
  15. Providing diverse music types helps young children express emotions and moods, she says.
  16. Facial movement can be present on the affected side when the person expresses emotion.
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