express elevator in a sentence

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  1. At midday, roughly 800 visitors an hour whisked up the express elevators.
  2. They put us on the express elevator to the netherworld with dizzying quickness.
  3. An express elevator does not serve all floors.
  4. He gave the Sonics an express elevator ride to the top of the Space Needle.
  5. Instead it became an express elevator.
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  7. Free agency to the expansion clubs is like getting on the express elevator headed for the top floor.
  8. People staying in rooms on the 26th floor or above are whisked by high-speed express elevators.
  9. She began competing at 8, rode the express elevator to the elite level at 12 . ..
  10. That, folks, is the express elevator, though Janzen wasn't alone for the ride.
  11. The express elevator ride up 65 stories makes ears pop, and eyes pop when they see the view.
  12. Meanwhile, for her male customers, she has installed an express elevator to the men's department.
  13. They walked down 12 floors, reaching the 78th floor and the express elevator, with Emery giving encouragement.
  14. All three acted that way because they were longtime heroin addicts riding the drug's express elevator to hell.
  15. The depth gauge wavers for a few seconds, then starts upward, faster and faster like an express elevator.
  16. Lay reportedly spurned the express elevator to ride to his 50th-floor office to spend more time with employees.
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