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  1. It will also have a ground-level space for an express delivery center.
  2. The express delivery specialist, headquartered in Memphis, upped the ante last week.
  3. They happen upon the Global Express delivery truck at a gas station.
  4. Express delivery companies use the system to track plane and truck fleets.
  5. Airborne isn't the only express delivery firm affected by the slowing economy.
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  7. Cutoff, Dec . 12 ( Dec . 15 for Federal Express delivery ).
  8. Here's the item for the Bill Bowes book : " Express deliveries ".
  9. On any given day, our air-express deliveries are down 4 to 6 percent,
  10. "' Airborne Express "'was an express delivery company and cargo airline.
  11. An independent auditor measures the express delivery performance of all international EMS operators.
  12. FedEx Corp . is extending package pickup times for customers wanting express deliveries.
  13. The national express deliveries mean the domestic market, shipments achieved in unique country.
  14. Now express delivery companies use it to track planes and trucks.
  15. Currently, Amtrak takes in about $ 60 million annually for mail and express delivery.
  16. In 1992 it scuttled its intra European express delivery service after over estimating demand.
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